We Offer More Than Just Education

We offer more than just education here at the Learning Center.

Our therapy services include speech therapy (facilitation of expressive, receptive, articulate, and social language), occupational therapy (sensory tolerance, fine motor skills, self-care skills), and behavior therapy (behavior management, discrete intervention, peer/video modeling), to name a few.

We also promote the arts and physical education here at the Learning Center. Music therapy, taught by our board-certified music therapist, is not only therapeutic but also instructional for various types of skills, such as social and motor skills. Each student is met at their level with each of our lessons and interventions. Everyone has the opportunity to participate and succeed. We have an art teacher, golf coaches, and state-of-the-art P.E. equipment.

We provide social skill groups and life skill groups so our students can develop the skills they need in order to become self-sufficient and independent. While our students need to learn more about interacting with others, they also need to learn about how to take care of themselves so they can grow into adults that can live on their own or with minimal help.

Our specialized intervention programs meet our students at their level and work to bring them to a higher level of worldly knowledge and self-knowledge.