The Learning Center is a non-profit Palm Beach County charter school educating children with autism spectrum disorder.

We direct our efforts toward helping our students by improving not only their education but also their quality of life. Our most important goal is to use proven approaches that allow us to unlock the developmental potential in all of our students.

Every student deserves to be taught how to be socially interactive yet independent, so we aim to provide those necessary skills so they can grow into self-sufficient adults.

Each person at our school should be treated with respect and dignity, so we dedicate ourselves to designing and delivering our supports and services in a way that works with their own personal uniqueness. Our school does this with the least restrictive environment we are able to provide.

The Els Center of Excellence has allowed us to develop this space for high-quality, intense education that applies important intervention-validated procedures for young children in Palm Beach County that are on the autism spectrum. These educational programs work with Applied Behavior Analysis, PEC, sensory processing intervention, TEACCH, and social skills training.

Our programs are devoted to using research-vetted ABA to improve the quality of our students’ lives and educations.

The Learning Center has several goals that we work toward and methods for obtaining them.

We aim to aid home management skills through support and instructions, for parents, siblings, and even extended families. We use ABA principles to instruct and evaluate the effectiveness of our intervention methods.

Our school works with local community organizations to acquire as many opportunities for student inclusion as we can.

When appropriate, we work toward preparing for and supporting students’ transitions to public school attendance. If our students don’t meet the prerequisites for this transition, we continue to provide more services to them.

Our low teacher-to-student ratio utilizes full-day programming to deliver intervention that is continuous and systematic.